Universe, Universe, Universes…

manan sheel
1 min readMay 19, 2022


a poem on the multiplicative way of the Universe

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Seeds sown in fertile soil
grow into lovely trees
that bear juicy fruit, and
seeds, and seeds
seeds, and more seeds
some more seeds,
a lot more seeds
Oh! An avalanche of seeds,
Of which each seed
can give a lovely tree,
juiciest fruit, and seeds,
seeds, seeds, seeds,
If many allowed to grow—
This time more seeds,
than the human population
on earth,
more seeds than planets
in the universe,
Seeds from head to toe,
Seeds from face to tail,
Seeds covering everything…

Thus, is the way of the universe,
Multiplicity it is called,
Our thoughts multiply —
One thought leads to another,
As we understand something profound,
we need the multiplication of thoughts
to fill up the nectar of understanding,
our wisdom grows with this multiplication,

Who, then taught this multiplication to the universe,
or this multiverse?

© Manan sheel.



manan sheel

an artist, poet, singer and engineer. trying to introduce heart into the world of mind.