The Way to Look…

image taken from internet

Look at this orange-grey cloud,

the way you look at it—

it won’t look beautiful,

but it is filled with splendor,

it is in meditation like the Buddha,

these orange shades on the grey,

are a sprinkling of love, on infinite peace…

But the way you look at them,

like a hungry animal, hungry for pleasure,

the way you attack it directly with your stare,

no, this cannot be the way…

You have to look at this in a way,

that you are not looking,

which means that

when your breath and your heart

are overtaken by some love,

which is guided by the melody of

your inner tears,

then, when your inner violence is absent,

let this looking happen…

In this looking, within you is the vastness

of the cloud, and you know

that within you, you contain all of the

beauty of this world…

© Manan sheel.



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manan sheel

manan sheel

an artist, poet, singer and engineer. trying to introduce heart into the world of mind.