Little Leaves

Trees and Flowers © Manan sheel (author)

Swaying in the winds
we are little leaves
of this universe

Million Billion Trillion
Uncountable leaves
swaying in the winds
flying in the air

Carried hither and thither
all dancing, and swirling,
green, red, purple, yellow,
brown, we dance all our life,
we dance afterwards

We wither, and fall,
we become the universe,
we get new lives,
we think of the universe,
being the universe,
Who put us in this cycle?
Who, but the universe,
Who, but us, ourselves,
All is life, our thinking is life,
Our being this universe is life,
Death is life,

My verse says
what you know
in the depths
of your eternity
May you be delighted
in what you know,
May the stars hang upon you
waiting for your look,
May they shine in your watery eyes,
and may that moment
be captured by the camera
of love, as all moments are captured…

© Manan sheel.



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manan sheel

manan sheel

an artist, poet, singer and engineer. trying to introduce heart into the world of mind.