I say to…

Look © Manan sheel (author)

I say to the rich -
I don’t need your money,
I need your time.

I say to my well-wishers -
I don’t need your care,
I need your understanding.

I say to him, who feels hostile towards me -
I don’t need your silent contempt,
I need that you look inside me,
at the bare me, at my center,
at my heart, the same heart
that lives in you…

May I be able to say to the one
who has wronged me -
We were friends, you and I,
Bear my enmity for a while,
and in that bearing
become peaceful…

I say to the one who left me -
I need that you look at the part of me
that is growing, and evolving,
and becoming better every moment,
to become a light ever-glowing…

I say to the one who loves me -
I don’t need anything from you,
Your love is enough.
It contains your time,
and your loving
knowledge of

© Manan sheel.



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manan sheel

manan sheel

an artist, poet, singer and engineer. trying to introduce heart into the world of mind.