“clusters of bright yellow, ‘queen of the nights’ and a poet…” — a poem

‘Milan’ painting by author © Manan sheel.

Clusters of bright yellow
startled the poet —
Then, his wonderstruck eyes
knew the meaning of ‘flowers’…

He moved reluctantly,
a little further, and look —
a huge giant, with arms spread wide,
and a million little fluttering…

a living poem for every particle of this universe

Trees and Flowers © Manan sheel (author)

Swaying in the winds
we are little leaves
of this universe

Million Billion Trillion
Uncountable leaves
swaying in the winds
flying in the air

Carried hither and thither
all dancing, and swirling,
green, red, purple, yellow,
brown, we dance all our life,
we dance afterwards

We wither, and fall,
we become…

a little story

Oldie has come. Oldan has come. Oldum has come. Not three different persons. But the same. Oldie oldan oldum has come. To the terrace. For the delight of all the children. Yes, and to fly kites he has come. Worst of the faces. 85 years of age. Face sunken like…

manan sheel

an artist, poet, singer and engineer. trying to introduce heart into the world of mind.

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